Celebration of LightsEach year, English Bay and the West End plays host to the HSBC Celebration of Lights — Vancouver Fireworks. This event is a world famous competition held for two weeks in late June and early July for two weeks, where firework displays are set to music. An off-shore barge is set up, and for four nights the sky is lit up with fireworks from all around the world.

Spectators from all around come down to English Bay and its surrounding area in the West End to watch the Celebration of Light’s Fireworks. Nations compete starting at 10pm sharp each participating night, rain or shine. Along with the visitors on the beach, hundreds of boats fill the harbour for a front-row seat for the fireworks.

Vancouver’s gay and lesbian community also tends to host its annual Gay Pride Parade on the same weekend as one of the fireworks display, making the West End a very popular and crowded place to be.