Experience Vancouver like never before on the open ocean, with a spectacular Boat and Yacht Charter. Vancouver has many boat and yacht charter companies that offer the perfect boat rides for Weddings, Graduations, Celebrations, New Years, and holiday parties. Come explore the waterfront on a sightseeing tour, whale watching excursion, or a romantic excursion for two. There are many different Boat and Yacht Charter options available for you to explore:

Vancouver Wedding Boat and Yacht Charters

Step away from the everyday, and have your wedding on a Boat or Yacht Charter while circling Vancouver’s English Bay. Walk down the center isle of the ship, with the mountains and water surrounding, and feast on some of the most spectacular food while sharing a priceless moment on a wedding boat charter. Whether just the reception, or the whole wedding, a yacht charter is a memorable option for your wedding.

Carol Ships Boat Charters

Come out and celebrate your Christmas party or New Years party aboard a Christmas-light lined boat or yacht charter. Come explore Vancouver’s harbour at night, while singing Christmas carols and enjoying spectacular dinners which are prepared by fantastic executive chefs. Guests can dine, sing and dance their way through the most festive time of year on a Carol Ship Boat Charter in Vancouver.

Vancouver Dinner Boat and Yacht Charters

Relax after a long day and experience world class cuisine aboard a spectacular dinner cruise in Vancouver. Spend a couple hours leisurely cruising the harbour of downtown Vancouver, with the mountains and shorelines as a backdrop. With west-coast themed cuisine, and the best wine around, these dinner boat cruises are an experience all together.

Vancouver Fireworks Boat Charters

Each year, Vancouver hosts the Festival of Lights at English Bay. Hundreds of thousands of people come out to watch world-famous fireworks. Now’s the time to get the best view possible – spend the fireworks on a boat charter, and have a spectacular uninterrupted view. These ships offer either an intimate setting or a party-setting with hundreds of friends.

Boat Charter Locations

British Columbia has many different boat charter locations, including English Bay, the San Juan Islands, the Southern Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, Desolation Sound, Vancouver Island and the Jervis Inlet. These locations offer spectacular scenic views, and the opportunity to see whales and other majestic marine life.

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