West End ShoppingThe West End provides an unlimited amount of shopping opportunities for the shopping connoisseur. With stores ranging from big-box retail to small independent stores, its tough not to find what you’re looking for.

Robson Street

Robson Street is the ultimate shopping destination in Vancouver. Located only minutes away from both the West End and Downtown Core, it offers some of the best stores in Vancouver, all on one street.

With countless stores offering everything from gifts, to clothing, shoes, food, electronics, jewlery, to restaurants… Robson Street is sure to please.

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Boutique Stores

The streets of the West End are lined with boutique stores offering everything from small trinkets and gifts, to upscale clothing, pet, food, and jewelry stores. With key frontage, these smaller stores tend to drive customers in by being in high-traffic retail locations. While the cost per square foot for renting varies dramatically, Vancouver has no shortage of small independent shops.

Grocery Stores

Vancouver’s West End offers a wide variety of produce and grocery stores for residents and visitors alike. Stores ranging from 100% organic, to fair trade, to big box grocery stores are within blocks of each other, and all thriving.