Vancouver’s West End boasts numerous amounts of Parks and Beaches. These places range from playgrounds to gardens, to swimming pools and large forests.


Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park is .55 hectares and is located on Beach Avenue at Bidwell Street. It has many benches for people to watch the sunset over English bay, and is only a few steps from the Seawall.
1755 Beach Avenue

Barclay Heritage Square

This park is 0.56 hectares and is surrounded by heritage buildings and well tended gardens. This park offers an urban sanctuary with paths to explore the beautiful gardens all around.

1433 Barclay Street

Cardero Park

Located near the seawall and floatplanes, Cardero Park is 0.33 hectares big. It offers views of Dead Man’s Island, the North Shore and Stanley Park.

1601 Bayshore Drive

Morton Park

Brimming with colourful flowers and palm trees, this 0.22 hectare jem is an ideal location to enjoy the waves in the West End.

1800 Morton Avenue

Nelson Park

Located in the centre of the West End, this 1.16 hectare park offers a tranquil landscape. Paths lined with benches and linden trees, let visitors escape in the heart of a busy city.

1030 Bute Street

Stanley Park

This ‘crown jewel’ of Vancouver spans 406 hectares and was designed for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. Located just outside of the downtown core, this park offers spectacular views and numerous activities.

For more information on Stanley Park, click here.
2000 W Georgia Street


English Bay Beach Park

Spanning 9.83 hectares, this park extends along the south of the West End. With palm trees and colourful flowers, this creates a breathtaking atmosphere to take in the sandy beach, expansive seawall and breathtaking sunset.

1700 Beach Avenue

Sunset Beach Park

This 3.61 hectare beach is situated at the bottom of Bute street, and offers visitors expansive beaches with spectacular views, while only being steps from the seawall, and large grass fields.

1204 Beach Avenue