English Bay beach is located in the West End of Vancouver, British Columbia. Situated at the end of Denman Street and Davie Street, it is steps from retail stores, restaurants, and apartment buildings. Restaurants nearby offer ocean-view seating, however, at times it can be extremely difficult to get a table. All year round, locals and tourists flock to English Bay to watch the sun set and to relax by the water. During the summer months, the beach tends to be packed with both locals and tourists, soaking up the sun.


English Bay is an extremely popular location for outdoor activities including cycling, walking, jogging and inline skating. With miles of seawall and asphalt pathways, it is very friendly to the outdoor enthusiasts and offers the perfect outdoor escape. For the beach lovers, it offers a wide stretch of sand for people to lie out and relax on, and to work on their tan. And for those looking to cool down, English Bay itself offers the perfect spot to go for a swim, or to take a quick dip before returning to relaxing in the sun.


With the large crowds of people at English Bay each day, entertainers head down to put on shows and to make money. During the summer months, its not uncommon to see performing artists, pan handlers, musicians and fire jugglers. Often, local residents will come down to the beach to practice their music without the noise restrictions often imposed by apartments.

HSBC Celebration of Light

Each year, English bay plays host to the HSBC Celebration of Light. With hundreds of thousands of spectators watching, nations from around the world compete in one of the largest fireworks competition ever.

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Annual Polar Bear Swim

On the first day of the New Year, thousands of people dive into the extremely cold waters of Vancouver’s English Bay to ring in the New Year.

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