The Top Microgaming Games

The Top Microgaming Games

Karate Pig Video Slot

MicrogamingThe new Karate Pig Video Slot by Microgaming is yet another brilliant addition to the already long list of impressive Microgaming Online Casino Games. Affectionately dubbed the Bruce Lee of the Online Casino world, Karate Pig follows the exploits of a Kung Fu crazed farmyard animal as he attempts (with your help) to move up the Karate ranks by winning new belts. The game consists of 5 reels complete with 20 paylines as well as various Wilds and Scatter that unlock Free Spin Rounds and a Bonus Game that will keep you on your toes and Karate Pig in the belts to which he has become accustomed.

Great Griffin Video Slot

Who doesn’t love adding a dash of the mystical to their daily routine and with the help of the new Great Griffin Video Slot by Microgaming it can now be done in a heartbeat. The Game is based on the Griffin, a mythical creature of old that has the body of a Lion and the head of an Eagle that make it both strong, wise and all seeing. In the game you will encounter the Griffin flying around the screen acting as a Wild, randomly changing symbols to make winning combinations. Included with the wild is a Scatter that activates the Free Spins Round which, along with the Wild is all contained within the games 5 reels and 50 paylines.

Thunderstruck 2 Video Slot

Yet another Microgaming Casino Game for the ages, Thunderstruck 2 is follows a theme surrounding the Norse Gods of old. Join the likes of Thor, his father Odin and brother Loki along with the Shield Maiden of Valhalla, the Valkyrie as they do battle with the world of Mobile Phone Casino Slots. This is a 5 reel Slots Machine that can boast 243 Ways to Win, a feature unique to Microgaming. In the game you will have the chance to access four different Free Spins Rounds known as the Great Hall of Spins and you will encounter features unique to the characters whose hall you happen to be in at that specific time.

Hellboy Video Slot

Yet another Video Slot that began its life as a comic book, before being made into a movie and then finally being turned into what you see before you today, the new Hellboy Video Slot by Microgaming. Even though the game follows the route of the comic book as opposed to the movie, it still retains the appeal that made the game famous. In its 5 reels and 20 paylines, it contains a number of Wilds and Scatters that activate various Free Spins Rounds and Bonus Games to create one of the most devilishly exciting games ever.

Immortal Romance Video Slot

Our fascination with the world of vampires is one that has spanned the ages, from the dark days of the Roman conquests to the crusades to the holy lands and finally, the current craze, books like Dracula, movies like Interview with a Vampire have captured our imaginations for years and the latest in the long line of vampire themed entertainment is the new Immortal Romance Video Slot. Contained within its 5 reels is one of the most captive love stories ever told. You will have the chance to enjoy numerous Free Spin Rounds and Bonus Games as you unravel the mystery behind the tales of Amber, Troy, Michael, Sarah and their undying battle to come to terms with the curse they all share.


Even though Poker still remains to be one of the youngest Casino Games, having only been around for less than 200 years, it is still one of the most popular games. There are many variations that ensure you will always be able to find the Poker Game that is best suited to you, versions that include, but are not limited to: Texas Hold Em, Five Card Stud, Five Card Draw, Aces and Eights or Jacks or Better to name a few. There are also the numerous Video Poker games available to play Online, which combine with the table versions to create one of the most expansive Casino Games in the world.


Widely considered to be one of the oldest, yet simplest Casino Games as there are documented findings of it being played in Seville, Spain as early as the 1600’s. This gives it a pedigree that few Casino Games can match but it is not its age that makes it one of the Best Online Casino Games. Even the most vociferous anti-gambling individual will be able to enjoy the wonders of a game of Blackjack as it combines the perfect amounts of both luck and skill to play which combine to ensure you have the best possible time, every time you play.


Unfortunately, Baccarat does not enjoy a massive following in North America, the rest of the world more than makes up for it, especially in Europe, more specifically France, England and Italy and since the introduction of the Online Casino in early 1996, it has begun to grow a huge following their as well. Most people enjoy it because it is one of the most exciting games to play as it depends entirely on luck with absolutely no skill needed to play. Others enjoy the fact that it is the Online Casino game with the highest odds.


To this day, Craps remains to be one of the most exciting Table Games ever. Gamblers the world over simply love the social interaction and the activities that involve a game of Craps, activities that include throwing the dice and placing the chips. Online Casinos, although do not have the Craps following they would want, it still has a following that would impress even the most sceptical of casino sceptics.


This is one of the few games that is enjoyed by both Online and Traditional Casino players as it enjoys an equal following between the two types of Casinos. Many players swap and change between the two Casinos depending on the mood they are in on that specific day. Such is the flexibility of Roulette that pretty much anybody, anywhere in the world will be able to both play it and enjoy playing it as it is one of the simplest games to learn, albeit a simple game that will provide you with hours and hours of casino entertainment.