Sometimes, taking Vancouver’s bus or Skytrain doesn’t always accommodate everyone’s travel needs, which is why there is a large number of Taxi Companies in Vancouver. These taxis offer a reasonable fair and are available for short and long trips. When in downtown Vancouver, to get from one end of the city to the other side, often costs less than $10. To get to Vancouver International Airport, you’re looking at around $30.

Finding a taxi can sometimes be challenging. Generally you’ll see them driving around with their top light on, or lined up outside a busy hotel waiting to pick someone up. While its possible to hail a Vancouver Taxi on the side of the street, phoning a taxi company often makes it easier.

Below are some Vancouver Taxi Companies in Vancouver, to help you commute easily.

Yellow Cabs

(604) 681-1111

Black Top & Checker Cabs

(604) 681-2181

Vancouver Taxi Ltd

(604) 871-1111

Black Top Cabs

(604) 731-1111

Maclure’s Cabs (1984) Ltd

(604) 683-6666