With the unique layout of Vancouver, and its proximity to False Creek, a ferry system has been set up to move passengers from point A to point B. These ferry rides happen year round, and are a quick and affordable way to see the breathtaking scenery from the water. A popular option is to take a water ferry to Granville Island, from one of the surrounding docks. The two main water taxi companies in Vancouver are Aquabus Ferries and False Creek Ferries.

Vancouver Aquabus Ferries

Located on the edge of the water in Vancouver is a network of Aquabus Ferries, which travel through the scenic False Creek carrying passengers every day. With a large amount of the downtown population being close to false creek, the Aquabus provides the perfect mode of transportation to get to local hot spots. For those looking for a longer ferry ride, a round trip of all docks can be done for less than ten dollars a person, and in about 25 minutes.

The Aquabus accepts cash, and to travel end to end of the route is less than $5 per adult, and $2 per child or senior. Monthly passes and ticket booklets can be purchased as well. This makes the ferry an extremely affordable and ecologically friendly mode of transportation.

Aquabus Ferry Docks in False Creek:

  • Science World
  • Plaza of Nations / Edgewater Casino
  • Yaletown (Davie Street)
  • Spyglass Place
  • Stamps Landing
  • Granville Island
  • Hornby Street (south foot)

False Creek Ferries / Granville Island Ferries

Started in 1982, the False Creek Ferries provides ferry service and sightseeing tours in Vancouver’s breathtaking False Creek. With a fleet of 10 vessels, four of which are considered super mini-ferries, these white and blue water taxis transports people from stops throughout false creek. False Creek Ferries also offers a number of docks on Granville Island, a popular tourist destination.

Spend the entire day travelling false creek by these unique ferries, with an ‘all day pass’, for $12 per adult, and only $8 per child. Monthly fares and ticket booklets can be purchased aboard the ferries as well. Come out for a unique form of transportation, and experience the splendor and tranquility that can only be found with the False Creek Ferry.

False Creek Ferry Docks

  • Stamps Landing – Science World
  • Stamps Landing – Yaletown
  • Aquatic Centre – Maritime Museum
  • World & Plaza of Nations
  • Granville Island – Sicence
  • Granville Island – Yaletown
  • Granville Island – Stamps Landing
  • Granville Island – Maritime Museum
  • Granville Island – Aquatic Centre

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