Incorporated in 1886, Vancouver is located along the coast of British Columbia Canada. Named after a British Explorer, George Vancouver, Vancouver has become the largest heavily populated metropolitan area in Western Canada – also the third most populated in whole country.

Vancouver tends to have a more relaxed feeling, with a laid-back personality and active life style. The West End itself tends to have a younger demographic with students, young professionals, and young families.

Vancouver is known as a very multi-cultural city, with many different regions represented. Caucasians make up roughly 50% of the population, followed by roughly 30% Chinese. South Asian, African American, Filipino, Latin, and a diverse group of other minorities make up the remainder of the population.

City of Vancouver Facts

Population: 587,891 (2006 estimate)
Postal Codes: V5K to V6Z range
Area Codes: 604 and 778
Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
Mayor: Sam Sullivan
Land Area: 114.7 sq. km
People working in the City: 345,000
Average Household Size: 2.3 people
Primary Language: English

Vancouver Rental Statistics

Average Household Size: 2.3 people
Rented Housing: 56.2%
Owned Housing (inc. Condos) 43.8%
# Private Households: 236,095
# Single Detached Households: 65,390 (27.7%)
Apartment Buildings: 158,780 (67.3%)

Vancouver Language Statistics

English as First Language: 49.4%
Chinese as First Language: 26.6%
Punjabi as First Language: 2.7%
French as First Language: 1.7%

Facts from City of Vancouver Planning Department Info Sheet – CityFacts 2004