ClickPay Review

ClickPay is a simple and easy to set up payment processor that for most Canadians can be set up in a matter of minutes to be used to fund a number of online poker and gambling websites online.

To sign up for ClickPay, simply go to and select Canada from their homepage. You will be taken to a page made just for Canadians. To start creating your account click ‘Join Now’ from their navigation menu. This will prompt a secure form in a popup window that will ask for some basic things like name, address, phone number etc.

While signing up for ClickPay, be sure when filling out your phone number, that you will be able to answer a call to that number within about 5 minutes of submitting the form. They will call you and ask a couple questions to verify that you are the one who created the account. There is an optional field for a cell phone number which you can set to the preferred number if you are not at home.

ClickPay Payment Review

Once you have submitted this information you will be taken to a second step where you will be required to fill out credit card information. Your credit card will later be used to fund transactions to online poker sites. This was a critical step that at first I had trouble with. Upon my first try I had attempted to use my Royal Bank Visa, which I already knew wouldn’t work to fund transactions directly to online poker sites. When I submitted this information it came back as ‘Invalid credit card’, which kind of surprised me at first, but I quickly came to the realization as to why this was.

Luckily I also had on hand my Bank of Montreal Mosaik Mastercard, which I then filled in my information for and was gladly accepted by ClickPay. Within about 5 minutes I received the veification phone call that took about 2 minutes and I was pretty much ready to go.

ClickPay will send you a couple emails, one with a verification link that you must click to verify your email address, followed by another email with a Personal account number, and some other information that you will want to keep on hand. Do not delete this email as you will need to use it for reference in the future.

From this point you should be able to visit your favourite online poker or gambling website to make a deposit. Not that there is no need to necessarily fund your account using a bank wire, or any other such method. In most cases all you will need to do is go to the deposit page on whichever poker site you wish to use, and provide your personal account number, as well as your email addresss/username.

Thats It! Like I said, fairly simple payment processor, and relatively easy to set up.

Advantages of ClickPay: Fast set-up, good customer service, provides an easy and quick way for Canadians to deposit and withdraw to and from online poker and gambling websites.

Disadvantages of ClickPay: Not all Canadian credit cards will be accepted, their customer service is located overseas and the American toll free number will not work from Canada (ie possible long distance charges), ClickPay is fairly light on functionality and doesn’t necessarily provide all the rich features found in some other e-wallets.