Canadian Poker Chips

Poker Chips Canada

Whether you are visiting Canada for a short term or living here permanently, if you can get your hands on some Canadian poker chips you are in for a treat. Poker is one of, if not the, top card games worldwide, enjoyed by players of all ages and nationalities. It has a great following in Canada, with many poker stars both in the online and offline poker communities.

The Canadian online casino industry is huge, and while all sites will offer poker as an option, many go so far as having a whole site dedicated just to the game. Here you can find the up and comers of the poker scene, doing battle with champions and amateurs alike in their quest for the prize. Online poker tournaments are not uncommon, and the winners often attract attention from sponsors and poker houses. Those win big enough or often enough will impress anyone who is watching – and when it comes to online poker, it could be anyone around the world who has their eye on you. Success stories abound of players handpicked from online winners’ lists and recruited into top class poker teams, entering the world’s best physical poker tournaments as a result. The old guard, who played only a real table, are a dying breed – poker now is the realm of the high flying internet player, and as a result tournament winners are getting younger and younger.

Canada has plenty of poker rooms and meeting groups to choose from, but when you want to get noticed you can also join in one of the tournaments held across the country. Ontario is known for the Great Blue Heron tournaments, held on a regular basis – recent winners of the Great Blue Heron Island Poker Series Tournament have won big, with Angela Rumeo walking away with $25,000 as runner up Jacob Meyer claimed $15,000. When your game is good, you can afford for the stakes to be high, so get plenty of practice online and then start entering these real tournaments to test yourself against people who can see your face and read you tells – unless you learn how to hide them.

The Canadian international poker players have been attracting attention very recently too, with their performances at the World Series of Poker. At the final No Limit Hold ‘Em table, two-time winner Greg Mueller walked away with $103,258 when he was knocked out early on with seventh place – and if that was the prize for only seventh place, we know you are going to get excited about the grand prize for the winner. Ashkan Razavi was the other Canadian player at the table, and – you guessed it – he managed to take home the trophy, after a tense final few stages that saw him battling it out with tournament favourite Amanda Musumeci. In the end though he managed to keep hold of the upper hand, claiming $781,000 for his win. That is enough money to buy a whole load of Canadian poker chips!

If you like poker, but don’t have the time to invest in long poker games, then you should try video poker, especially online casino video poker. You can play online video poker at the top Canadian online casinos, like the ones you see on this website.