West End Apartment RentalsFinding West End Vancouver apartments is challenging at best. With a vacancy rate of less than 1%, it is definitely an owner’s marketplace, making finding the perfect home a bit more challenging.

This website will help de-mystify the apartment hunt, and provide valuable apartment hunting resources for those looking to move to this beautiful city.

Living in the West End of Vancouver

Residents tend to be younger professionals, families, and lower-income earners. Vancouver apartments range from single story homes, to multi-level apartments, and high-rise buildings. Condominiums also available in most areas, usually mixed in the same areas as rental apartments.

Finding West End Vancouver Apartments

Many Vancouver apartment managers forgo advertising their rental units, as putting up a sign out front is usually enough to drive multiple inquiries within a short period of time. The best advice for finding a West End of Vancouver apartment for rent is to walk around the neighbourhoods on a daily basis for a couple weeks leading up to your move in date. This will allow you to be the first to know when a new building is on the market — don’t forget to bring a cell phone, as making inquiries on the spot can put you ahead of the competition. Walking the neighborhood not only helps you find the perfect place first, but also helps you build your familiarity with the streets, stores, and restaurants in the West End of Vancouver.

Sublets, Short Term, Leases & Condos

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West End Vancouver Apartment Hunting Sites

For those looking to find West End Vancouver apartments on the internet, check out these apartment listing resources: