Casino Games Explained

What are the best games to play in online casinos? Well, in truth it’s too subjective to simply say something like ‘video poker’, ‘slots’ or ‘blackjack’; it’s all dependent on your gaming aspirations, bankroll, time to play and many other factors. However, it is fairly easy to quickly analyse the reasons to play different kinds of the most popular games available in online casinos.

Casino slots

When it comes to fun casino gaming with instant appeal and the chance to win anything from pennies to over 1 million pounds – slots and progressive jackpot slots are the favourite game for millions all over the globe. In addition, since the they’re playable from as low as 0.01 all the way to 100.00 or over, casino slots are also a very affordable form of online casino gaming. Ultimately – the big reason for playing slots in a web casino is their thrill factor, the cool themes and the intrinsic gaming fun; the gambling element is obvious attraction and with 90% average payouts everyone will win when playing regularly in a casino. However, there are no guarantees and you need big luck to win a million (although it is 100% possible!).

Poker games

Variations of poker games are one of the most popular online casino niches – ranging from classic poker tables, to video poker and poker contests. The wide range of gaming styles available in web casinos makes poker a cool option for recreational and serious casino gamers; for instance, the games can be played with wagers of 0.10 up to 200.00 per hand, with luck or genuine skill and strategy, plus the option to boost the intrinsic value of the game with the multi-player tournaments available at high class online casinos. Video poker machines can also match slots in terms of progressive jackpot opportunities and big luck-based payouts (although are also a serious skill option).

Parlour games

The appeal of parlour games such as scratch cards, keno and similar games of luck are pretty hot in online casinos – offering instant-play fun with very low minimum stakes. Parlour games are similar to slots in regards to their ability to act as a form of cool entertainment, but also as a means to potentially strike it lucky with very big jackpots.


Blackjack is the other extremely popular classic casino game available with amazing realism in top class online casino websites. As a skill game like poker variations – it’s also playable with a range of strategies and skills, from novice to pro. However, the ease of playing the good old game of ’21’ means it can be tried and enjoyed for fun or to try and win seriously.

Casino budget and gaming choice?

In essence, if you’re a purely casual casino gamer, setting a budget (and strictly sticking to it in every session!) is the guaranteed way to enjoy any casino game that you’re in the mood for; after all, if you’re essentially happy to game for fun and in the worst case scenario lose your session budget having a blast, then all games are there to be enjoyed; jackpots, table games, parlour fun – bring it all on. With very low stakes and low risk levels available on most casino games, you can also keep high volume gaming to low levels of liability. However, if you don’t want to simply play for intrinsic value and lucky jackpots (for example video slots) – then skill gaming is the only way to go, even if you’re starting out with small casual stake levels.